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Haven't posted since Blizzcon Apr. 20th, 2011 @ 10:01 am
I should probably just let this thing die, but then I remember how awesome my icons are and I just can't do it.

Blizzcon, day one, mid-day: Oct. 22nd, 2010 @ 03:22 pm
Line to get in was utter hell. Actually, that was just the line to get into the line. The line itself moved pretty quickly. Welcome speech was great, lot of geek love. Debuted the Demon Hunter class details for Diablo 3 (looks like I will be playing this class. Srs. Looks boss). Also ran the Cataclysm Trailer with a remastered audio track through a half-million dollar sound system. I now realize that I have to listen to everything forever through a half-million dollar sound system.

Stuck around for the Diablo 3 class features panel, as well as the WoW Raid/Dungeon previewstravaganza. Take-aways from that:

Diablo Cody III

-As stated previously, Demon Hunter is awesome. Ranger-archetype, lots of traps, gadgets, and dual-wielding fucking crossbows. It doesn't get more badass.
-The Lead Character Designer's job title in the panel was "Unicorn Caretaker".
-Raining Toads and Zombie Bears may be the only reason to play a Witch Doctor, but goddammit what great reasons they are.
-Because of how they are working with skill rank-ups, trait points, skill runes and other customizations, we are looking at 96,886,969,344 possible character customizations. Per class. Yowza.

World of Warcraft: the 'clysm

-Lot of emphasis on "trimming the suck" from old world stuff.
-Sunken Temple and Wailing Caverns have been cut in half.
-Maraudon and Uldaman are now 2-tier dungeons (similar to Utgarde Keep/Pinnacle, or Nexus/Oculus).
-Some of the raid content for 4.1 looks really cool too (fuck yeah Ragnaros on his home turf!)

Heading out to grab a bite, then going back in. More updates to come.

Yeesh May. 30th, 2010 @ 10:34 pm
In 6 days, it will have been 6 months since I've posted anything here.

I'm still around. I still check my friends page daily, though I don't comment much anymore. I've kind of sunk back into "lurk" mode again. It's not that stuff isn't happening. It's more like I just don't find it interesting enough to write about.

Dec. 6th, 2009 @ 07:45 pm

Fuck yes.

Attn DK: Oct. 5th, 2009 @ 05:36 pm

That is all.
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» Myself, on In-N-Out Burger:
[19:30] lightbunny: I love that there's a secret, spoken-only menu
[19:30] lightbunny: makes me feel like an Illuminatus or something

Why can't I be this clever around women :(
» (No Subject)

Didn't know if you were interested or not, but I'm gonna be rolling on Azphel instead of Siel. Still Elyos. If you wanted to roll up Asmodian, do so on Azphel as well. I can get you in with a really good guild.
» endblink

Everyone on this list is cooler than a ninja.
I missed this in the online description of the Vigilant Class.

"We hit hard and we hit fast," said Captain Louisa Mendoza-Perez of the U.S.S. Vigilant. "I command the finest warship in the fleet. Diplomacy is for the politicians."

Captain Louisa Mendoza-Perez will be played by Michelle Rodriguez. She will be angry and aggressive, and Latino. It will be awesome.
» :(
Roast Beef is offline.
» Stone Cold Motherfucking Crazy
1. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag at least 10 friends (make me #11 so I can see your results).
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.

Tagging people is lame. If you want to do it, keep the reply in here. Or post it on your own journal. Whatever.

Answers beneath the cut. Winamp knows me far too well...Collapse )
» Oderus *insert vulgarity here* Urungus
So, I was up late last week, flipping through channels. Landed on Fox News. I was immediately surprised as, while this was indeed Fox News, I was looking at GWAR's very own Oderus Urungus, labeled as the "Interplanetary Correspondent". I thought I was hallucinating, so I shut the TV off, rubbed my eyes, and turned it back on. Sure enough. Oderus Motherfucking Urungus.

Apparently, he's been a recurring guest on this show, Red Eye. It's not a particularly good show, by any stretch (seems like Fox trying to appeal to hipsters poorly), but the host at least has a sense of humor about it, and he's had Oderus Goddamn Urungus on the show 5 times. Links below.

They are all hilarious.

Warning: You can get pregnant just by watching these videos. Even if you're a guy.
» Star Trek Online
I've been following STO's development for a while now. I really like how they're keeping in flow with the established canon, and that they clearly know their Trek stuff.

That said, there hasn't been anything really eye-popping or amazing yet. There have been some cool screenshots and videos, cool interviews, but nothing that really sold me.

Until now.

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» (No Subject)

they brought Cartilage Head back.

I...I don't know what to feel about this.
» (No Subject)
Brad: Brent Spiner is the most active guy I follow on Twitter.

Me: Well, he was built with an ultimate storage capacity of eight hundred quadrillion bits, and a total linear computational speed rated at 60 trillion operations per second.

Brad: You know what that means? Data's ass would be the sickest gaming rig.
» (No Subject)
Not having internet at home sucks.
» (No Subject)
Okay, so somewhere inbetween me saving the world from a Skrull invasion, playing Chrono Trigger with Tracy Morgan, and being dropped off at work in Martok's Chevy Tahoe, I think I may have just had the best dream of my life.
» (No Subject)
OST ripped and shared. Skadoosh.

As to the game, there's a guy named Bang Shishigami. He is just as fucking awesome as his name is.
» (No Subject)
My TV magically started working again last night, so I picked up Blazblue. And hey! Special limited edition, no less!

Because I love you fuckers so much, I'll be uploading the soundtrack sometime either tonight or tomorrow.
» (No Subject)
After seeing the largess of the internet's vehement defense of the new Transformers movie, I'm convinced that a new subspecies of human has emerged. Dubbed Homo Urocissa, after the Magpie, this new breed of human is inexplicably drawn to anything flashy, shiny, loud, or explodey, regardless of how awful that thing is. Also, their willingness to defend this thing is usually directly proportionate to the amount of evidence that the thing is, in fact, awful.

I know I'm totally wearing myself as a hat with this post, but I'm sorry. I can't "shut my brain off" to enjoy a movie, and I'm tired of being expected to do so.

Anyone who takes offense to this, don't worry. Just an egotistical douchebag spouting off.
» Balls.
Blazblue is out this week, and I don't have a TV.
» Well, goddammit
Just when I'd made up my mind about never getting a Kindle, they go and announce the DX.

Stupid huge screen and native PDF support.

» Heh
I can't remember if I shared these. Who cares. I'm sharing them again.

» Star Trek
I don't feel like writing right now.

I'm just gonna say that this movie was perfect in every way possible.
» X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Caution: verbose spoilers ahead...Collapse )
» holy crap awesome

This is huge news. As I may have mentioned before, we're in kind of a franchised restaurant dead zone here.
» Infinite amusement
Ok, so, if I'm at work, in available status, waiting for a support call:

If I'm not doing anything particularly important (youtubing, forum browsing, etc), I will sit in available status for hours.

If I have to do something work related (respond to an email, log a case, test something), I will get a call within 30 seconds of starting to do that thing.

It's uncanny.
» (No Subject)
Has anyone else been following Google's ongoing site-wide April Fool's joke?

It's pretty great.
» (No Subject)
Curb Your Enthusiasm is a show I will never voluntarily put on (dvds, on demand, or what-have-you), but if it happens to be on, I will watch it, and it never, ever disappoints.
» Hey Merid

Confirmed for Round-eye-land.
» Like they said when we landed on the moon.

» Man...
Fuck cancer.

I'm sorry, James.
» (No Subject)
Starting a tabletop campaign tonight. GURPS 3 rules, set in the Sword of Truth universe. Randian Objectivism is the BBEG.

Wish me luck.
» (No Subject)
Oh hey guys.

» (No Subject)
Hey, you beautiful Wombatty baby, I rolled horde on Boulderfist.

Now what?
» and a nifty plug
» (No Subject)
» oh COME ON!
Hey, I'm approaching lvl 80! I think I'll log in and play some WoW and try to hit 80 tonight!


So, I'm in queue, and that time is a joke, btw. I will be in this queue until at least 9:30. At least. And Wintergrasp will lag the server to the point that it will be unplayable so why bother in the first place.

So I'm queued. And I'm playing Castlevania on my DS. That's right. World of Warcraft is forcing me to find other ways to entertain myself while I'm "playing".

I would move to another server, but the only reason I've leveled to 80 in the first place is to do endgame raiding. I'm in a really good guild, and I don't want to go through all the horseshit of looking for a guild who will take someone with no raiding experience. This is all the fault of Blizzard not being able to manage their server loads. Skullcrusher is a day 1 server, and I don't think they've ever replaced any of the hardware since it went live. They offered free realm transfers off of the server, but THEY STILL ALLOWED NEW PEOPLE TO SIGN UP ON IT!

Things will improve once all the 10-year-olds are back in school.
» Spreading holiday cheer and all that shit.
this is hugeCollapse )
» (No Subject)
Hooray for cheap Memorex CD-Rs, and their 50%-75% fail rate.

Ugh. Why the balls can't Best Buy carry good brands again?
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